Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone from beginners to world class athletes can benefit from the Orbitrek™ X17™ . With 8 resistance levels it can be as easy or challenging as you want. Best of all, with each motion, you are burning calories and building long, lean muscles. Something everyone desires. Of course, everyone should consult with their physician before beginning this or any other fitness routine.

No, if you can walk, you can workout on the Orbitrek™ X17™ . You control the pace and the resistance of the movement and can stop whenever needed.

Yes, the machine is recommended for exercisers up to 275 lbs.

We all know we need to exercise, but there’s a huge problem with traditional exercise machines. They’re boring! It’s the exact same repetitive motion over and over. Worse yet your muscles quickly adapt to the motion, hit a plateau and you never get the results you desire.

Now close your eyes and think about the exhilaration of moving and running in nature. This is the way your body was made to move and your muscles were made to work - in a huge variety of angles. The outdoor terrain is always changing, focusing your mind and preventing muscle plateaus.

This is the difference between traditional machines and the Orbitrek™ X17™ .

The Orbitrek™ X17™ is the world’s first fitness machine with a remarkable 17 ever changing pathways. Its unique dual-crank system challenges your body with 17 constantly changing motions within each burn cycle. Just like the terrain and nature is constantly changing the Orbitrek™ X17™ movement keeps changing challenging your muscles in new ways with every motion.

University testing shows how on single path machines a person must overcome inertia on the initial pedal rotation. After that momentum helps rotate the pedals forward as the rider uses less and less muscle activation. The Orbitrek™ X17™ changes all of this. With 17 burn paths, you constantly overcome inertia with every revolution for a better workout. Your mind is totally focused, your muscles constantly engaged, and you maximize muscular activation, just like running in nature.

This means when compared to an exercise bike, the Orbitrek™ X17™ burns a full 34 percent more calories in the same amount of time.

Typically, to exercise a wide variety of muscles, the exerciser must invest in multiple pieces of equipment or join a gym fitted with a variety of workout stations. The first option is expensive, and the second option can be both expensive and possibly embarrassing - if you are out of shape, not to mention the time wasted to get to a gym and back. Exercising with the Orbitrek™ X17™ , with its multi-path technology, is like having several aerobic machines combined into a single, all-in-one, highly compact calorie burning machine: An exercise bike, an elliptical trainer, a stepper, a stair climber and a skier – and seamlessly changing from the one to the other. With the Orbitrek™ X17™ it is like getting 5 different exercise machines in 1, but at a fraction of what it will cost to buy 5 different machines.

The Orbitrek™ X17™ exercise system is based on the following tried, tested and result-producing principles:

  • Gradually and progressively increasing the intensity of exercise over time

  • Alternating intervals of short bursts of active exercise with intervals of rest and recovery

  • Introducing variety in the exercise routine to prevent boredom or hitting a “fitness plateau.”

  • Following a sensible eating plan (included with your purchase.)

According to studies, 50 % of people who begin an exercise program will quit within the first 6 months! One of the reasons for this high drop-out rate is the major problem that confronts anyone exercising with conventional, non-challenging and repetitive movement path exercise devices – boredom.

The continuously changing pedal path and change in pedal force automatically generated by the Orbitrek™ X17™ dual crank system, helps to overcome exercise boredom and increases the chances of sticking to a regular exercise program.

Conventional aerobic exercise devices are fitted with single cranks that generate the same, repetitive movement path, thereby exercising the same muscles over and over. Repeatedly exercising the same muscle, in the same manner, results not only in exercise boredom but also reaching what is called the dreaded “training plateau”. This plateau is caused by what is known as the “SAID” (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands) principle. According to the SAID principle, the human body adapts to the demands of exercise and over time makes it progressively more difficult to continue progressing. Doing the exact same workout and exercising the same muscles repeatedly, produces less and less results, causing the exerciser to reach a training plateau that blocks continued progress.

Unlike conventional aerobic exercise devices, with the Orbitrek™ X17™ , a non-repetitive, continuously changing pedal movement path is generated. Not only is there a much higher variation in the muscles being exercised, but muscles are also exercised over a much longer range of motion (ROM). Together – the variation in movement and the increase in range of motion, helps to minimize the onset of SAID.

  • Coordination & Balance to Improve the Quality of Daily Living

    By exercising with the Orbitrek™ X17™ , one engages in activities which require coordination, agility and footwork, sometimes involving unexpected and surprising turns and twists to challenge and stimulate the body. These are all effective ways to train and improve the many facets that enhance the quality of daily living such as: Enhanced proprioception, dynamic balance, better mobility, a feeling of vitality, improved nervous system functioning, mental clarity, confidence and independence.

  • Balance & Coordination – Key Components of Daily Living

    Balance is a key component of fitness, along with strength, endurance and flexibility. It is the most innate human function for creating and maintaining movement patterns. Having good balance and coordination is important for many daily activities such as walking, going up and down the stairs, lifting and lowering things.

    Balance begins in the core and with the Orbitrek™ X17™ , the core automatically becomes engaged to support and stabilize the body whilst moving along the varied movement path. These core-strengthening exercises are important to prevent everyday injuries. In addition to the core, exercising with the Orbitrek™ X17™ promotes strong hips, ankles and gluteal muscles - all critical to good balance, coordination and daily living

  • Develop a More Flexible & Resilient Body

    Flexibility is needed to perform everyday activities with ease. To get out of bed, lift children or sweep the floor, we need flexibility.

    Flexibility tends to deteriorate with age, often due to a sedentary lifestyle. Without adequate flexibility, daily activities become more difficult to perform. Over time, we create body movements and posture habits that can lead to reduced mobility of joints and compromised body positions. Staying active and stretching regularly helps prevent this loss of mobility, which ensures independence as people age. Also, being flexible significantly reduces the chance of experiencing occasional and chronic back pain.The Orbitrek™ X17™ varied pedal movement path, combined with its variable length cranks (at times shorter and at other times longer) provides exercises that promote mobility by taking the muscles, tendons, and joints through a fuller range of motion compared to conventional fixed movement path devices, thereby increasing efficiency and quality of motion.

  • Improve Range of Motion (ROM)

    Range of motion (ROM)is determined by joint flexibility. With conventional, fixed path aerobic exercise devices, not only are the same muscles being exercised repeatedly (increasing the chances for the onset of SAID), but muscles are exercised with limited variation in their range of motion, thereby restricting joint and muscle flexibility. With Orbitrek™ X17™ , firstly, different muscles are exercised and secondly, the ROM whilst exercising muscles and joints are continuously extended.

With the Orbitrek™ X17™, the duration of each exercise program, including Warm-up, Workout and Cool-down varies from 3 minutes to 22 minutes – a short investment in time that can yield significant results and benefits. This is consistent with the latest scientific studies showing that significant health and fitness benefits can be achieved using short periods of exercise without the need for long, boring and time-consuming workout sessions.

The Orbitrek™ X17™ packs all of its amazing fitness benefits into a surprisingly compact machine. Its footprint is 2.5’ x 2’ and it weighs only about 55 lbs.

The Orbitrek™ X17™ isdesigned for indoor, home use. It is not to be used outdoors and must not be exposed to rain, moisture, or high humidity.

For use, the Orbitrek™ X17™ must be placed on a level, flat surface. The machine is fitted with transporter wheels and can be moved around easily.

  • Standard ConsoleThe Standard Console offers these features:

    • Performance Indicators: Time, Calories Burned, Speed (RPM), Distance (KM/MI), Resistance, Work Load

    • Pedal Path Movement Tracker

  • Deluxe Console

    • The Deluxe Console offers these features:

    • Customized Training Management System

    • Fit test function to test your fitness and automatically calibrate the intensity level of exercise programs to match your fitness level and maximize training efficiency. Store fitness data for up to 4 individuals

    • Training Zone Tracker (5 Zones) to indicate training intensities per program sector

    • Work Load indicator showing the intensity of your workout

    • Program Selector with program intensity profile viewer

    • Performance Indicators: Time, Calories Consumed, Speed, Distance, Resistance, Work Load

    • Pedal Path Movement Tracker

    • Interval Training Timer

  • Media Stand 

    (available as optional extra) The media stand connects to the handles to provide a surface for displaying an electronic screen such as a phone or iPad.

No. The Orbitrek™ X17™ is easy to assemble and comes with an illustrated assembly guide. In addition, there is an assembly video available online that will walk you through each step to make certain your Orbitrek™ X17™ is assembled quickly and correctly.